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2 cups sugar

1 cup liquid glucose

½ cup honey

¼ tsp salt

¼ cup water

2 medium egg whites

1 tsp vanilla essence

125 grams butter (roughly chopped and at room temperature)

60 grams macadamia nuts, or almonds, or pistachio nuts.

Country Treats Freeze Dried Fruit Treats (pineapple, or apricot or strawberry etc. or a combination)  

Cut into smaller pieces about the size of peanut. Try between one to two cups.


Grease a baking tin 28cm x 18cm or similar size.

Combine sugar, honey, liquid glucose, water and salt in a pot and stir over a low heat until the sugar dissolves. 

Bring to boil and cook until, when tested in a small amount of water, a sample forms a hard ball (260° F or 126°C on a brewing or sweats thermometer) which takes about 8 minutes. 

Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form. Pour one quarter of the hot syrup over the egg whites in a thin stream, while beating the whites. Continue beating for about 3 to five minutes, until the mixture thickens. 

Meanwhile continue cooking the syrup for another five minutes, until it makes brittle threads when tested in cold water (310°F or 154°C on thermometer) 

Pour the remaining syrup into the egg white, in a thin stream, while beating the whites. Continue beating until the mixture is very thick. 

Add the vanilla essence and butter and beat until thick again.

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