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About Us

Country Treats was founded in 2011, but the concept was born many years before that.’

It started in 1998 when Diane and Craig Cameron were both working for the Government and based in the Wellington region.
Freeze dried friut, chestnutsThey knew that there was more to life than the pest control business that they were associated with so they decided to sell up. They moved to Levin where they bought 15 acres of land, which they planted 620 chestnut trees.
Chestnuts are gluten free and a great source vitamins and minerals.
As the trees grew so did their knowledge of the chestnut industry and the gluten free needs of coeliac’s and of those people that have found themselves to be gluten sensitive.
This is where they identified that there was a place in the New Zealand market for Freeze Dried chestnut products. No one else was using this technology so they identified the opportunity to add value to their raw chestnuts and put them ahead of the competition.
So the vision for Country Treats was born.
For Country Treats, it was not just about having access to a Freeze Drier, Country Treats wanted to have full control of the complete process – from the growing of the raw chestnuts through to the finished and packaged product.
To add to this, they wanted all of this processing to be carried out, on site, at their property in Levin. {This then giving Country Treats chestnut products zero food miles.}

In early 2011 the wheels were set in motion and within 12 months Country Treats was up and running.

They had:
  •  Built the food processing rooms on site. 
  •  Purchased a pin mill, which enables them to produce both chestnut flour and chestnut crumb.
  • Purchased a commercial Freeze Drier, which has the capacity to remove 80 kgs of water in a 24 hour period.
  • Purchased a commercial vacuum packer, for the packaging of the products.
  •  Then, in 2012, Country Treats was successful in obtaining and being accredited with a Food Safety Plan, HACCP.

Another advantage of purchasing the Freeze Drier, Country Treats, has also developed a range of Freeze Dried fruit products. These can be seen and purchased from the Country Treats ‘on line’ store 

Why does Country Treats Freeze Dry fruit?

The reason is simple; Freeze Drying intensifies the flavour and turns the product into a “Country Treats taste sensation”

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