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Our Mission

‘To provide the best of ‘”Natures Delights”, gluten free and freeze dried, to our customers, at the highest quality.’

What is Country Treats about?

Country Treats was founded in 2011, but the concept was born many years before that. In a nutshell, Country Treats specializes in producing freeze dried chestnut and freeze dried fruit products and turning them into “natures delights”.

The Chestnut

The chestnut is probably the most important nut crop found throughout the temperate zone, worldwide. With species indigenous to all three continents the chestnut has long been cultivated and consumed throughout Asia, Europe and America.

Chestnut Products

Country Treats is in the unique position of being the only chestnut processors, within New Zealand, that has total control of the process, beginning with the growing of the raw chestnuts, freeze drying them and then turning them into anyone of the wide range of chestnut products that Country Treats produces.

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